Officers Directors


Officers and Board of Directors

President: Gary Ottey

Vice President: John O’Neill, DVM

Secretary: Diane Weber

Working Dog Secretary: Amy Supko

Treasurer: John Affel

Board Members: Kathryn Lynn, Nancy Weaver,  Wendy Keyser, Christine LaMuraglia, Amy Tokarz

Committee Chairs

Awards:  Chris LaMuraglia

Trophies:  Wendy Keyser         

Bench Show:  Chris LaMuraglia

Bear Facts:  Stephen Risko

Education:  Kathryn Lynn

Finance:  Gary Ottey

Membership: Jody Porrazzo

Property: Vacant

Rescue:  Nancy Weaver

Sunshine:  Vacant

Visual Historian:  Diane Weber

Ways and Means:  Linda Waite

New Pen Del Representative to the New Jersey Federation of Dog Clubs:  Aron Mandel

Webmaster:  Frank Tunis

The New-Pen-Del Newfoundland Club encourages and promotes the purebred Newfoundland dog